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Since 2020 the Black Wealth Builder has been a pillar in Black communities across the United States, bringing together Black small business owners and providing resources that have turned dreams into reality. Through strategic alliances with small business standard bearers, the Black Wealth Builder continues to bring financial resources to propel growth efforts for Black small businesses. 

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The black Wealth Builder

Our Services (Included W/ Membership)

Business Funding

We work with all legitimate types of funding programs available today, offering funding through hundreds of investors and lenders through a multitude of different funding programs. These lenders all offer their own different and unique lending requirements, so it’s tough to navigate these alone and know all your options… which is where we help.

Small Business Tax Preparation

Our tax pros help grow your bottom line by finding you every available credit and deduction and ensuring you’re accurately tracking expenses. The Black Weath Builder is available year-round so you can focus on what’s coming next for your business. We make it easy to get the help you need.

Real Estate Investment Consultation

Buying, holding, and hoping is not a strategy; a personalized plan specific to your situation is. What you do between transaction times is critical to achieving maximum returns - including cash flow and capital/equity growth. These returns can be accelerated above market-norms with proactive, strategic decision making on an ongoing basis.